A bar-cum-restaurant in an old Ford showroom (c. 1923) wedged between the former home of Hobart’s Mercury newspaper and a car park.

Once you’ve found the door (hot tip: it’s on Argyle Street, not Macquarie), pull up a pew at the concrete bar or find yourself a table. Be entertained by the usual stuff i.e. eating, drinking and being merry, or go nuts: press your cheek against the concrete floors, smell the roses* in our indoor garden, stroke a hide, or just watch the staff.

Our kitchen’s smack-bang in the centre of the restaurant and is totally exposed, meaning Dave and his team prepare fine fare right before your eyes. And like that isn’t special enough, most of the cooking is done in a ten-tonne Scotch oven large enough to hold a small cow (or human).

*No roses, but there are native Tasmanian plants – some of which may end up on your plate. Menu changes daily.

Restaurant open Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30am till late. Bookings are essential but try you luck as a walk in.