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Discover the origins of true boho furniture

Franklin Hobart travels far and wide to bring you the best bohemian furniture and homewares.

Our Best Selling Boho Furniture & Homeware

Browse our collection of boho furniture from around the world

Franklin Hobart brings you the most remarkable boho homewares from all over the world. Here you’ll find bohemian furniture and various other artifacts that will transport you to distant lands. These inspired pieces embody the magnificence of global artisanal traditions and the triumph over the mundane.


Boho Furniture

From flowing lines to raw edges, perforated surfaces to intricate carvings, our selection of bohemian furniture caters to those in search of adventure and excitement. These exquisite pieces exhibit balance, strength and unity – the hallmarks of quality furniture. This is design with purpose. Experience comfort and beauty with Franklin Hobart.


Boho Homewares

If you have an eye for elegance and a penchant for quality, Franklin Hobart offers a variety of bohemian homewares. Our furnishings were hand-picked for true aesthetes. But these items are more than decorative. Durable and functional, each one serves a special purpose that goes beyond filling an empty wall.


Boho Outdoor Furniture

Create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor with boho furniture. Australia is known for its outdoors lifestyle. Make the most of it with our private collection. These wonderful pieces will help you host the perfect al fresco gathering. Choose Franklin Hobart for earthy elegance in a boho outdoor setting.

Hard-to-find Artisanal Boho Pieces

Our hand-curated collection consists of hard-to-find artisanal pieces from all over the world. These pieces were chosen for their character, craftsmanship, and provenance. Every one of them has a story to tell. Each one brings something unique and exciting to your living space.

These are unique investment pieces. Built to stand the test of time, Franklin Hobart has carefully selected the finest bohemian furniture. Australia may be spoiled for choice when it comes to designer pieces, but we differ in our commitment to quality over quantity, timelessness over trendiness, personal versus generic. Browse our collection today for rare gems from out-of-the-way places.


Boho Furniture Made from Superior Materials

Strength. Balance. Performance. Our boho-style furniture is made from superior material to ensure durability. These fine pieces have been crafted with skill, precision, patience and passion. From hardwoods to hand-dyed fabric.

Beyond functionality, we select fabrics and surfaces to create a sense of richness in your home. Our homewares feel as good as they look. We hope these pieces bring you comfort, pleasure and joy in everyday life. We know quality when we see it. And so do you. Our premium collection of bohemian-style furniture will not disappoint.

inspired by the Boho Masters of Old Crafts

Discover the world’s greatest artisanal traditions through Franklin Hobart. Our bohemian furniture is inspired by the masters of old crafts. Experience hundreds of years of knowledge passed through the generations. We’ve gathered the work of modern artisans who still practice the ancient wisdoms of carpentry, weaving and pottery.

Our collection is hand-curated for free spirits who colour outside the lines, drink out of anything but a cup and have stars in their eyes. Join our never-ending search for the finest boho furniture. Australia has always been bohemian at heart – embrace your inner misfit and that insatiable wanderlust with Franklin Hobart.


Browse our collection of boho furniture and homewares from around the world

Frequently asked questions

Also called bohemian-style furniture, the boho aesthetic can mean different things to different people because it is highly personal. Here at Franklin Hobart, we describe boho-style furniture as vibrant, eclectic and authentic. It brings an element of surprise to every room and is deeply rooted in art, culture and craftsmanship.

You can buy boho homewares from trusted sellers who source their products from artisans and craftspersons who take pride in their work. Franklin Hobarts offers an exclusive selection of boho chic furniture made with premium materials. Timeless yet modern, raw but sophisticated, our boho homewares will add warmth and character to your living space. Browse our online store today.

In a nutshell, boho chic is an effortless kind of chic that exudes openness and freedom. There are no rules in boho chic décor because this design sensibility is about breaking convention. It is all about expressing your individualism and following your intuition. Franklin Hobart offers eclectic and eye-catching bohemian homewares to help you get started.

A boho interior masterfully combines patterns, colours, textures and bohemian furniture styles through layering, composition and furniture arrangement. Think Spanish tiles, Moroccan lamps, woven rugs and rattan and bamboo chairs gathered from your travels.

Interior designers typically pull all these elements together by highlighting a focal point in the room, following a theme or choosing just one or two accent colours.  

A boho interior has an eclectic and bold aesthetic that fearlessly combines patterns, colours, fabrics and furniture styles that don’t always go together in a seamless fashion.

It can be playful, casual, carefree or romantic depending on your choice of bohemian homewares and art pieces. The latter is particularly important as the bohemian aesthetic is closely associated with the arts, culture and travel.

If anything, a boho interior should look like it is inhabited by someone who has seen the world and has a genuine passion for the arts and crafts.

The bohemian palette is filled with rich and saturated colours like amethyst, saffron, magenta, cobalt and turquoise. Using a combination of these colours will create a sense of warmth, passion and vitality in your living space.

Boho chic, a more refined version of the bohemian aesthetic, is more likely to contain neutrals and earth tones. It also makes better use of colour coordination for a more subdued look.

The boho style has an eclectic, unruly feel to it, using a combination of colours, patterns and textures to make a bold statement. It can be difficult to pin down as it does not follow strict style rules or conventions. It is more concerned with individuality, freedom, romance, and comfort, with characteristic flowing lines, layering, clashing prints, and soft, velvety textures.

Modern boho is a contemporary take on the bohemian aesthetic. It is an updated and more sophisticated version of boho, incorporating leather, antiques, vintage items and other unexpected design elements while adhering with a tighter colour palette. Modern boho also uses sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials.

The bohemian aesthetic is all about eclecticism and adventurousness. This can be created through mixing and layering a variety of colours, patterns, prints and textures in your home. For outdoor spaces, you can add loungers, ottomans, hanging chairs, and other kinds of boho outdoor furniture.

You can add boho design elements to your space by layering different prints, textures and colours. You can also bring in a few pieces of boho furniture. Australia is known for its boho homewares – Franklin Hobart some of the finest pieces you’ll find in the market.

Boho furniture refers to pieces that reflect the bohemian lifestyle through vibrant colours, bold patterns, rich fabrics and flowing lines. Laid-back and luxurious, boho-style furniture tends to have soft and smooth surfaces that ignite the senses. It is eclectic, unique and lavish.

Boho chic furniture is eclectic, plush and bold. Think overstuffed sofas, velvet upholstery and lots of throw pillows. Bohemian-style furniture typically comes in saturated colours and intricate designs. Franklin Hobart offers a unique selection of boho homewares and bohemian outdoor furniture.

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