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Tips for Using Brown, Earthy Shades In Bohemian Home Décor

The bohemian aesthetic is all about bright, gem-like reds, purples, blues, and greens. But there’s one colour you shouldn’t overlook when decorating any space. With the resurgence of boho chic, eco chic, and boho minimalism, there ought to be a place for brownish earth tones in your colour palette.   Why decorate with brown? Brown is […]

Your Guide to Moroccan Rugs

A Moroccan rug is a foolproof way of giving your space that sophisticated, worldly quality. Known for its soft texture and stunning patterns, this rug embodies luxury like no other investment piece in your home.   But how do you choose the right Moroccan rug for your home, and how can you check for authenticity? Here’s […]

How to Nail Global Boho Decor For Your Home

Global boho is a modern take on the bohemian aesthetic, which has come to represent individuality, creativity, and freedom in design. While there are no hard and fast rules to global boho décor, these tips might help you get started with mixing and matching design elements.  Mix and match  Global boho is all about eclecticism. […]

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