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A Spark of Creativity: Bohemian Home Office Décor Ideas

“Bohemian” and “work productivity” are rarely mentioned in the same breath. The bohemian spirit is all about unbridled freedom and creativity while productivity has more to do with structure and efficiency. 

But you can enjoy both in your home office. Here’s how to decorate your at-home bohemian office for comfort and productivity.

Give your eyes a break

When choosing the right room or area for your home office, it’s best to choose a spot with a window or a balcony. Gazing at monitors for long stretches can lead to eyestrain. Taking regular “eye breaks” while working from home can provide relief. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends taking your eyes off your screen every 20 minutes and looking at something about 20 feet away for about 20 seconds – a practice known as the 20-20-20 rule. 

If your home office doesn’t have a window, try hanging a few paintings or photographs on the wall opposite your desk. This will give you something to look at other than your computer screen.

You can also leave the door open while you work. This opens up the space and lets you gaze at an object about 20 feet away while taking an eye break. 

Use ergonomic furniture 

Comfort is the key to productivity. That’s what makes the bohemian aesthetic a great choice for your home office – it’s all about plush chairs, solid wood desks, shaggy rugs, and lavish curtains. 

But when it comes to working from home, comfort is tied to ergonomic furniture, or furniture that has been specifically designed to encourage proper posture, enhance natural physical movement, and increase work efficiency.    

Franklin Hobart offers ergonomically sound, bohemian-style furniture that will look good in your home office. Browse our collection of desks and chairs today.   

Make sure there’s enough light

Poor lighting is known to tire your eyes more quickly when reading or working. Bright lighting and excessive glare, on the other hand, can strain the eyes and make it more difficult to see objects on your screen. 

Harsh lighting from fixtures above or behind you (i.e. fluorescent lighting) can negatively affect your eyesight. For eye health, consider switching off some of your overhead lights if you have more than one. Bring in some blinds, shades, or sheer curtains that will make it easier for you to control the amount of the light that enters through the windows. 

Further, don’t place your computer screen directly in front of the window or a stark white wall. If you only need enough light for reading or writing, you can bring in a desk lamp. 

Put your books on display 

Another way to stay inspired? Keeping all your favourite books in your home office. Sort, organise, and show off your books using wooden shelves and other kinds of vertical storage space. The bohemian aesthetic celebrates art, literature, and creativity. Making your book collection visible and easily accessible can help keep you inspired while working from home.

Choose your colours well

The right paint colour in your home office can have an impact on your mood and productivity.  According to interior designer and Clare founder Nicole Gibbons, colours that can help keep your energy focused are best. 

Martha Stewart recommends bohemian colours like earthy green, blue green, true green, coral, peach, brown, and yellow in addition to neutrals like warm white and warm grey-beige.  

The rich hues of green, coral, brown, and yellow can keep you inspired while you work while warm neutrals can help minimise visual distractions and ground your space. 

Bring in an ottoman for extra storage

There’s nothing like an overstuffed ottoman to rest your feet after a long day of working from home. But an ottoman is more than just a footrest – it can provide additional storage for office supplies. Choose a bigger ottoman with a removable lid. This will help keep your supplies organised as well as keep clutter to a minimum in your home office.

Enjoy working from home like never before. Franklin Hobart helps you decorate the home office you’ve always dreamed of. Visit our store today for high-quality bohemian-style office furniture. 

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