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Bringing the Coast to You: How to Achieve a Coastal-Inspired Room

Believe it or not, our lives changed when the pandemic started. Most of us spend more time at home than outside which was weird at first. A few years into the pandemic, we start to realise that our homes are no longer just places to go to after work. Our rooms do not just serve as a resting place for us.

With this, we cannot simply ignore the fact that we have to eventually redesign our rooms. It should be a safe place at home that gives you motivation to work or a space where you can imagine yourself somewhere else, like the coast for example.

But how can you imagine a vacation when your room is messy and plain? Maybe this is the right time to elevate the design of your personal space. Transform it into your favourite vacation destination!

Bringing The Coast To Your Casa

Are you a beachcomber or a Thalassophile? Whichever category you fit into, as long as you love the beach and everything on it, then a coastal themed bedroom is perfect for you. While you cannot literally bring the seaside to your room, you can achieve the atmosphere and overall vibe of the shore through your furniture and colour palette selections. How?

Coastal Room Design Basics

Choose your theme colour. The first thing that you should know before changing the overall look of your room is this: what is the theme colour? Since you will be making a coastal-inspired room, you have to picture yourself on the beach or the lake house. What colours do you see? Is it blue, white, and other earthy colours?

The advantage of achieving a coastal-designed room is that you can play with different colours as long as it will end up with an airy and vacation-esque vibe. Most people will go for blue and white as their main colours to get that obvious ocean look in their room.

Play with various colours. If you want your room to stand out, experiment with different colours. Grey, different shades of blue, and sandy colours go well with the theme. Consider adding a wood tone into the mix to give you that classic seaside appearance.

Choose a pattern. Normally, those who have pulled off this theme will add seashell patterns or beach-related designs. You don’t have to use the same strategy if you don’t want to. Feel free to use stripes or even plain designs. Adding white or blue-hued pillows can add that coastal feel to your room.

Compliment Your Room Design With Coastal Inspired Furniture & Décor

Decorate your room based on your theme. The room will not be complete without furniture and decorations. Add a personal touch to the room by adding bamboo photo frames and other items that can take you back to the last time you visited the beach. It can be beautiful rocks you picked up or shells that caught your attention.

An acrylic painting of the beach is a usual addition to coastal-themed rooms as it instantly takes you to the seaside whenever you look at it. If you are not a fan of paintings in your room, consider using wallpapers. You can base the design of the wallpaper on your chosen theme colours or from your patterns.

Favour furniture made of rattan. This will complement the wood tone you have set for your room. Sisal rugs will also complement this approach along with linen throws. Rope pieces and baskets can be added to the room as well. What is interesting is that you no longer have to go out to shop for furniture. There are well-known stores that transitioned online during the pandemic, particularly on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Bring Beachy Nights To Your Room With Beachy Lights

You might think that you have all the essentials needed for your coastal interior design now, but you are missing something: lights! Hanging lights or pendant lights can further emphasise the beachy colour palette you choose, especially when combined with the wooden pieces you picked for your décor, to achieve a vacation-esque atmosphere in your room.

Try lanterns in foyers and hanging lights. These could have woven textures or rope to match the coastal vibe. Glass pendant lights are popular too, especially ones with patterns which look like waves.

For lamps, nautical floor lamps can add brightness to your room. They’re portable too which gives you an option to place it anywhere you wish to. If you cannot find this type of lamp, you can use table lamps designed with shells or rope.

Five Of Franklin Hobart’s Helpful Hints

Attaining a coastal-inspired room isn’t difficult, especially when you have a guide to follow. If you are having a hard time deciding which furniture to use or which colours to focus on, then these tips might help:

  1. Play with different colours as long as it will end up with an airy and vacation-esque feel. Colours such as blue, white, grey, and sandy tones. 
  2. Give stripes or plain designs a try.
  3. Add a personal touch to the room such as: bamboo photo frames, shells, and rocks. 
  4. Go big and bold with wallpaper. Base the design of the wallpaper on your chosen theme colours and patterns.
  5. Use hanging or pendant lights to further emphasise the beachy colour palette.

Piece all of these elements together and you will easily achieve the coastal-inspired room you were aiming for. You might not be able to go to the beach as frequently these days but the blissful and exciting coastal ambience will eliminate your stress, in the comfort of your own home! 

If giving your room a makeover isn’t enough to scratch your coastal itch, you could redesign your whole house with a coastal theme. Check out these coastal house designs for inspiration. 

Looking for some coastal furniture? Franklin Hobart offers a vast selection of uniquely curated furniture and homewares, perfect for your newly decorated room. 

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